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StudioCanal aquires the Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy starring Broken the debut feature from Rufus Norris

STUDIOCANAL today announced their acquisition of RUFUS NORRIS’ feature debut BROKEN starring TIM ROTH and CILLIAN MURPHY, introducing ELOISE LAURENCE.

Deal was completed between Danny Perkins of STUDIOCANAL and Carole Baraton of WILD BUNCH following the recent Cannes Critics’ Week Premiere. BROKEN most recently picked up The Audience Award at The Odessa Film Festival.

Danny Perkins comments "We are delighted to be working with Rufus Norris on his first feature film ‘BROKEN,’ a fresh and moving drama that is sure to please U.K. audiences. At STUDIOCANAL we strive to support and nurture the best in new British talent and Rufus is no exception"


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