Anonymous asked: Ey what's your top ten favorite pictures of Cillian?



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God knows I try. :P

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The Shelbys & Co. at Victoria Baths in Manchester. Behind the scenes of Peaky Blinders S2E3. (click to enlarge)

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I have one moment in Godfather II. Nobody sees it. Michael and his sad brother Fredo are in Cuba, seeing the Superman show in the nightclub, and Fredo tells Michael, “Johnny always used to take me here.” And you see in that moment that Michael realizes his brother betrayed him. That’s my favorite moment. - Al Pacino
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In the Heart of the Sea

Tommy’s got a gun

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The planets, aligned.

the sickest thing ive ever seen
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Rosamund Pike by David Fincher

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Peaky Blinders Thursday… How was tonight’s episode?

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Viola Davis is a freaking tour de force. As she slowly peels back her wig, her eyelashes and wipes away her makeup, you can just see Annalise come undone. She doesn’t say a word, but you can feel the pain radiating off her. It gave me the chills. (x) 

Quit smiling, you’re supposed to be a professional!

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You think what we do is all right. It’s not all right. People get hurt.


truly an amazing sight (x)

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You still didn’t tell me what you do…