Taking a break from being tortured by Todd, Aaron enjoys a blue meth donut behind the scenes.
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l’après-midi au Louvre | part I

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We’re gonna start drinking. (X)
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Leonardo DiCaprio does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

"Hello from Lake Athabasca, we’re here learning about the Canadian tar sands. We took a moment to join the #IceBucketChallenge movement in support of the ALS Association. My friends Chief Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation challenges Dave Collyer president of Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Chief Courtoreille of the Mikisew Cree First Nation challenges Mark Little of Suncor Canada and Sierra Club President Michael Brune challenges Shell CEO Ben van Beurden."


remember in 2012 when that lady tried restoring that painting of jesus


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He’s an actor admired for his intensity, focus, and generosity—a kind of Millennial’s Montgomery Clift. Aaron Paul in Flaunt (x)

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If you want this bad enough and you want it for the right reasons, the strong will survive. My reason is the pure love, the joy of acting. ~ Aaron Paul for Flaunt (X)

Happy 35th Birthday, Aaron Paul! (Aug 27, 1979).

And congratulations on your 3rd Emmy Award.

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Remember when Bryan Cranston used to bring his Emmys to the set of Breaking Bad? That’s not happening again. Ever. (On the set of BrBa S2E8 ‘Better Call Saul’)

Happy 35th Birthday, Aaron Paul - Aug 27, 1979
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Cary Fukunaga for Mr Porter

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Part of my desire to do my job well means not being a celebrity. I would just be crap at it anyway—red carpets just make me nervous. But even if I could handle all that, I don’t think I want to be popping up in the morning papers, waving to the crowd at some premiere. The less people know about Cillian Murphy the easier it is for me to do my job. (X)

"Well Done, Bitch!"

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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul thanking each other in their Emmy acceptance speeches

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